Do you lie?

How do you feel when someone calls you a liar?

It’s best to assume people are honest — that they really believe what they say.  You have no need to believe the same things, but you do best to believe they do.Three of the guidelines from Free Speech Handbook apply:
  7.   Don’t change the subject.
  9.   Don’t presume to be a mind reader.
11.   Deal with exactly what the person says.

The race card

Last Thursday, at the homeless shelter where I stay, I went into the shower room, got my towel, etc., from the clothes window, and then saw something I didn’t want to see.  This guy was sitting on the shower bench buck naked.  I don’t want anyone to do that, black, white, brown, blue, green or purple.  I’ve seen too many times the brown streak some guys who do that leave on the shower bench.  Can I talk with this guy?


  1.  I can, if he’s white, brown, red, blue, green or purple.
  2. I can, if he’s black AND a really good personal friend.
  3. I can’t, if he’s black AND NOT a really good personal friend.

In that case, I know what I’m for, if I try to talk with him: he’ll jump up all hostile, and accuse me of racism.

Point 1:  He’s changed the subject.
Point 2:  He’s presumed to read my mind.
Point 3:  He’s not dealt with what I actually said.

Point 4:  He’s called me a liar, since I said my issue was the shower bench, but he says it’s really his skin color.

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Every white person’s been through this, and it’s a big part of why many white folks want no parts of black people.

Proposals about guns

Nancy Pelosi: Gun Confiscation “Will Be A Priority”

Tim Brown calls many people liars:

In case you are wondering, yes, I’m using the phrase “gun confiscation” rather than “gun control” because that is what all of this is aimed at, ways to get your guns out of your hands, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Every “gun control” piece of pretended legislation written is nothing more than a means to an end, confiscating your guns.

Point 1:  He’s changed the subject — from whatever Pelosi was talking about, to gun confiscation.
Point 2:  He’s presumed to read Pelosi’s mind.
Point 3:  He won’t deal with what she actually said.

Point 4:  He calls us all liars.

I could talk at length about the pros and cons I see in different proposals about guns. I see no need to; I’ve already made my real points. The point of the Guidelines is to clear away confusion and let us all focus on What Is. Then, in this country, we might finally get somewhere. Those who love confusion, whether on the left or the right, don’t want us to do that.

There are very fine people on both sides.

It’s best to believe people
say what they mean and
mean what they say —
no less, no more, and no different.

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