The left hand and the right

Crux: black magic works.  Evil or not, it works.  That tells us something about God.

#AleisterCrowley maintained two altars in his home, one for white magic, one for black.

That recalled a concept I learned in my first research into #occultism, years ago: “left-handed” vs. “right-handed” magic.  It appeared to be a concept dating from ancient times.  Features I recall:

  • Left-handed magic is generally associated with black magic; right-handed, with white.
  • Left-handed occultism is secret; right-handed is done openly.
  • Left-handedness seeks to aggrandize oneself; right-handedness, to aggrandize humanity.

The specific question I had last night: is one associated with creation, and the other with destruction?

There is a Wikipedia article on the subject — that didn’t answer my question.  It answered other questions.

It would lead one to believe that the concept began with Mme. Blavatsky.  In fact, however, she merely — correctly — translated a pre-existing term in Sanskrit.  So the thing may well date from ancient times.

Wikipedia articles about religion in India refer to left-handed and right-handed activities, but have been highly sanitized as to what left-handed activities ARE.  I recalled hearing about certain cults in India that, in effect, worship darkness, and engage in activities most people abhor.  For her part, Mme. Blavatsky saw left-handed activity as, in a word, harmful.

So that’s black magic.

Every healing practitioner sooner or later runs into an individual who’s treatment-resistant, enamored of darkness, of suffering, of pain, and resists any effort to redirect her or his desires.  Yes, it’s perverse.  It is also What Is.  Not even God can redirect such a person; for inviolable free will is part and parcel of the image of God in each person.

Magic is not really spooky.  It’s utterly pragmatic.  The fact is, we’re all engaged in it all the time.  One can turn off awareness of it; one cannot turn off the fact.  It’s a feature of the shape of the cosmos.

Effectiveness in magic, in prayer, or in life depends on one single dynamic: there must be utter consistency among one’s desires, one’s thoughts and one’s actions.  Good and evil don’t matter.  It’s the consistency that matters.

This is how we create.  WHAT we create is its own question.  This is HOW.

Where do people engage in black magic today?

Think of the places you abhor, the places you don’t want to go.

Where even at noon on a sunny day
the darkness the people worship and emanate
is palpable; you see it; you feel it.

Those who
desire ratchet desires
think ratchet thoughts and
do ratchet deeds
live in the situation they have created.

Their prayers have been answered.

They’ve got what they wanted and, in fact, worked for.

Many mainstream people never meet them, except as crime victims.

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What good can one do?

“Throwing shade” at such people merely participates in the same darkness they do.

People of light need instead to send them — light.  Love them as they are.  Unconditionally.  With no expectation of change.

This is what Jesus did.  You can, too, though it may take decades to learn.

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