Jennifer Aniston’s charisma

Back in the day, an uncle who had become my only local relative, used to invite me to his house with his kids for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  True fact:  I’ve never had a TV; these times were my only exposures to television throughout the year.

And the magic box used to transfix me.

One Thanksgiving night, I saw an episode of Friends.  Famous show at the time, though I knew nothing about it.  It left me utterly unimpressed, except for one detail:  I had fallen head-over-heels in love with a woman I’d never seen or heard of before.

This proved to be Jennifer Aniston.

Now, different women attract me different ways.  With some, my first impulse is to want to jump in the sack.  With others, my first impulse is to want to consider a lifetime commitment.

The first thing I want to do with Jennifer Aniston is give her a big hug and take her home to meet my parents.

She seems to have the same effect on every man I know of.

She also seems to project the same aura in every role she plays, which makes me fear that, finally, she may not be much of an actress.  In spite of her many, many, many professional accolades, it may be she only plays Rachel Green, over and over and over.

I still love her to death as a person.

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