Blinded by the light

Why is this man smiling?

Personal affinities and personal aversions mystify me.

Why are certain men attracted to certain women, and not others, and vice versa?  Some men like Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore; I never have.  I’ve always liked Ashley Olsen and Halle Berry instead.

Why don’t any of the females I crush on, ever crush on me?  Boo-hoo.

Some years ago, when I was still frequenting McDonald’s, I stood outside the bathroom door waiting to go in.  This man coming out stood in the door, looked me up and down, and scowled.  Even though I’m homeless and he’s not, my clothes were nicer than his, and he resented it.

Some folk find others’ happiness hard to take.

Memorial Day 2018, in the supper line, other guys passed with their trays, and I saw what we were being offered: some sort of beef tips, steamed snow peas with onions, and potato salad.  Many guys each carried a small mountain of potato salad.  Given current issues with my teeth, I decided to pass on the beef tips and focus on that.

The guy serving the potato salad gave me a small portion.  I asked for more.  He said he might not have enough for everyone, and I should come back for seconds.  When I came back for seconds, the portion he gave me was even smaller.

This is the nonsense that goes on in jail.

I don’t know this guy.  We’ve never talked.  I only know him from the serving line, and he’s only been there a few days.  Yet, that quickly, he’s taken a definite dislike to me.

All I can figure: my aura’s too bright for him.  He can’t stand my cheerfulness.

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