Jackson Beck: Hero and role model

Here’s a name you’ve never heard of.

I didn’t know it, or remember it, either, until I started research for a couple forthcoming posts.

In recent weeks, I’ve come into a situation where it’s appropriate to develop long-range goals.  The question presented:  is The William Tell Show still what I most want to do, the best use of my skills, the way I can most uplift humanity?  I had a counseling session with Pastor about this.

Back in the day, I always used to listen to The Big Broadcast Sunday nights on WAMU.  For four hours, they rebroadcast shows from “the golden age of radio,” the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Drama, comedy, mysteries, romance, current events — there’s no end to the wealth radio presented in those days.

One night they broadcast a career retrospective interview with a man I did not know.  But they interspersed excerpts of roles he played, and I surely recognized those roles.  As mentioned at the start, until my recent research I still did not know his name.  This was Jackson Beck, who proves to have been a major figure in the industry in those days.  It would not have been the same without him.

In my meeting with Pastor, the question rose of how I would find my way into radio.  That’s when I recalled the interview.  Jackson Beck said he was never “discovered,” or anything like that; his entrée into radio came the hard way, through years (YEARS) of pounding the pavements, knocking on doors, harassing station managers.  Only after one door opened, would his talent and vision change the industry forever.

I anticipate having to do the same.


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