Reasons to seek prosperity

Reasons to seek prosperity

At any given moment, it may help me to have an actual reason to seek prosperity.  As my moods and POV change from day to day, however, a reason that I may have believed in one day, may not be credible the next:  “I’m not feelin’ it.”  So I may do well to have several reasons, different ones of which may be credible on different days.

  • I want a place where I can set my own hours.  I want my own clothes, and my own choice of food.  And a cat.
  • I want to be proud of myself; to accomplish something in life.
  • I want earned income.
  • It will glorify God; people will praise God for (be proud of) me.  (Matthew 5:16).
  • This is THE ONE THING I can do to advance racial justice.
  • My persuasiveness and credibility depend on it; I must embody my message (That is, The Way of Peace.)
  • To become a more effective intercessor (or catalyst), I must do this.
  • I cannot help other poor men become prosperous unless I have first become prosperous myself.  I need to blaze the trail so others can follow.  (“A Psalm of Life,” “The Bridge Builder.”)
  • The whole purpose of my becoming poor was that I might become prosperous again.  I became homeless in order to become mainstream again.
  • Many people have invested in me substantially for many years.  The only way I can repay them is by becoming self-supporting.  This is what they’ve wanted; this will be their return on their investment.
  • I can become generous.  Others have been very generous to me, and I can become generous to others.  It would feel really good.

Learnings of homelessness

I might have learned these things anyway.  One can’t be sure.

Purposes of being at the shelter



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