Notes: Perceptions of order, courage, and fear of the unknown

As of 2017-02-27, this is a placeholder for notes for a discussion of these things, that may be worked into an actual post either before it’s published or at some later date.

– Courage
– Fear of the unknown, uncertainty, risk, disappointment
– Self-love facilitates desire
– Self-love facilitates getting back on one’s feet — lessening fear of risk
– Focus:  free from distractions, controversies, opinions
– Get a grip
– What one thinks one knows
– MYOB is hard because one must face the unknown head-on
– Desire must overcome fear
– Feeling the objects
– “If I put this precious object in a safe place today, it will still be there tomorrow.”
– Pavement will still be there tomorrow:  Newton’s three laws
– Fundamental order
– Things of which I can be completely certain
– Surety becomes a platform I can build on

See diary 2017-06-30 re “Because he lives”



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