Misleading clickbait ads on Yahoo! News

In recent weeks, my Yahoo! News feed has been inundated with misleading clickbait ads all from a single source. I’ve captured some of the images here.

poll-more-hair-eq-more-sex-regrow-hair-naturally hair-loss-isnt-permanent-regrow-using-one-mineral odd-hair-loss-trick-reverses-balding-do-this-now
ex-bald-guy-stop-shaving-your-head balding-men-eating-amla-to-regrow-hair-fast hair-loss-isnt-permanent-regrow-using-one-mineral-2

In the time available, I didn’t manage to capture the one that shows a man’s head covered with a thick layer of peanut butter, which someone is styling like hair.

All pertain to a “Regrow Hair Protocol” being peddled by a guy who calls himself David McKenna. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I’d sure like to regrow my hair, given the opportunity.  But that’s not what piqued my interest.  My question was whether any of the products pictured had anything to do with the claims being made.

They don’t.

“Regrow Hair Protocol” is a set of diet books.  The person who calls himself McKenna claims that following this diet will block the activity of a certain enzyme and re-juventate inactive (I think medicine calls them “dead.”) hair follicles, stirring them to regrow hair.

But you don’t find that out until you watch an interminable video (I didn’t clock it, but it felt like 20 minutes.) in which he claims among other things that Big Pharma is out to get him (Of course.) and that his hair loss caused his wife to leave him for another man — until he regrew his hair and she came back hotter than ever.

Googling “Regrow Hair Protocol” is a waste of time.  In previous research on supplements, I’ve seen that the Net is full of fake endorsements for everything.

I am struck that the same creators must be behind many, many similar ad campaigns that display misleading images and all, for some reason, require you to watch this interminable video before you find out what they’re about.

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