Job search diary 10/12/16 – 10/18/16

WEDNESDAY 2016-10-12
E-mailed my contact at the corporate office about change in availability.

THURSDAY 2016-10-13
CVS – 400 E. Pratt St.
Called, spoke with R____, advised of change in availability.
CVS – 101 N. Wolfe St.
Interview. P____ clearly had spent some time studying my resume. He said he can offer me 15 hours/week max., but that with only a 6-2 availability it will be hard to fit me in. He said he would confer with his subordinates and call me tomorrow afternoon. A hygiene issue rose at the very end of our meeting and may not have made a good impression.
FRIDAY 2016-10-14
Harris Teeter – Whetstone Way
Voice mail from E____ asking (again) if I’m still interested in the position. After a good deal of difficult consideration, I’m giving myself permission not to pursue this. The commute is just too much.
TUESDAY 2016-10-18
CVS – Penn North
CALL BACK: Two voice mails from H____, the manager, seeking to schedule an interview. He says my resume is impressive. My notes indicate I never specifically applied to this store. I cannot use transportation as an excuse, because the subway goes right there. This is the store that burned in the riots.

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