Hot under the collar in public schools

They need to just chill.500 murders so far this year in Chicago

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Maryland power struggle over air conditioning in Baltimore-area schools

New features on this, on the TV news, almost every night of late.  It just strikes me as so unnecessary.  See links below.

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With 500 homicides in Chicago, time for African-Americans to get tough on crime

For once, someone suggests there may be things black Americans themselves can do about the genocide in progress.

This means, contrary to everything the politically correct have insisted to us now for decades, that black men do have power. The question is what they do with it.

What happens in some places isn’t happening everywhere. The author notes that the murder rate in Chicago this year exceeds that in New York and Los Angeles combined. Similarly, the murder rate in Sandtown-Winchester is twice the average for Baltimore as a whole.

People are making decisions. They choose one way in some places, and other ways in others. How will you choose?

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