Job search diary 04/27/16 – 05/03/16

Wednesday  2016-04-27
Applied for “Store clerk – SAL,” 929 N. Caroline St.
Applied for “Store clerk – SAL,” 2509 E. Monument St.

Friday 2016-04-29
I will need to assemble a list of the stores and then apply to each one in person. The online portal at somehow does not include any jobs in Mary­land. A Yahoo! search on “7-Eleven jobs Maryland” came up with a number of job search pages that advertise they’ve got such jobs, but (1) a few screen shots I saved indicate some of these are fronts for other activity, several of them even put up by the same vendor, and (2) as for non-managerial positions, they don’t.
Screenshot from 2016-04-29 14:12:07
Click on the image and then read the fine print.
Tuesday 2016-05-03
Identified five stores downtown to apply to.
Rite Aid
They have an online jobs portal now:
The store I want to work at is #0355. There are no openings there today.
“Joined talent network,” which included uploading resume.

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