Boycott these newspapers

Boycott these newspapersThe happy hookerClocks mystery “solved”This little girl has balls.An incredible story

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Boycott these newspapers

I am compelled to assemble a list of news outlets that won’t let you access content for free.

Miami Herald (Same ownership: Fresno Bee;)
Charlotte Observer (Same ownership as Miami Herald)
Boston Globe
Chronicle of Higher Education

By the same token:

Pages prone to crash my system

I can’t comment on, nor link to, their content if I can’t afford to access the page!


Sites that don’t accept comments


My hashtags



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Colombian beauty busted again after seduction, Rolex theft

Three arrests for identical crimes in one week.

As I may have said before, IMO public safety should be the sole consideration in setting bail.

Related:  To get bail, money talks

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Strangely in Sync: Scientists Solve 350-Year-Old Pendulum Clock Mystery

The “solution” is the mathematical model they came up with that explains the phenomenon.

I had not known that this thing happens, albeit it’s no surprise.

I am more interested in resonance in spiritual and social applications.

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Eighth-Grader Epically Explains Why Your BMI Is Bullsh*t in Viral Letter

She’s articulate, and has a very healthy self-esteem.

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Police: Aunt Kept Toddler in Closet Before Killing Her

GOSSETT_shanna_190x250Shanna Gossett

The aunt is the child’s legal guardian.  She kept the child in a high chair in the closet for two weeks (in someone else’s home); then inflicted mortal injuries on her and hid her under a bed for two days before anyone called 911.

Many more details here:

The biological mother is unfit.

As with Jamarion Lawhorn or the Dorian Lee Harper situation, there are many stories of children who are born into impossible circumstances; only, when removed from a horrific biological parent or parents, to suffer extreme abuse in foster care or adoptive homes.  I cannot help but conclude that this pertains to karma.

A similar story: Oklahoma couple arrested in nephew’s 2006 disappearance

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