* This is how you become a white supremacist

This is how you become a white supremacistDylann Roof’s role modelRed states, drugs and HIVRomance 101Desegregation case follow-upWho gets pulled over?

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This is how you become a white supremacist

An excellent first-person account demonstrates the futility of hating these people.

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‘Himizu’: How Charleston Terrorist Dylann Roof Missed the Point of His Favorite Film

The protagonist of this Japanese film lived a life similar enough to that of the author of the article just linked to above.  Roof identified with him.  One story affirms the other.

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4 men arrested on drug charges tied to Indiana HIV outbreak

“Indiana officials say needle-sharing among people injecting a liquefied form of Opana and other drugs has driven the HIV outbreak in southern Indiana. At least 170 people have tested positive for HIV this year in the region, mostly in Scott County, which typically sees only about five new HIV cases a year.”


I’ve never heard of Opana before. It must be pretty potent.

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Here’s the best way to start a conversation with someone you’re attracted to, according to science

Single at age 59, I could really use a crash course. I’ve never been good at this.

The simple, short answer is to ask “an innocuous, open-ended question.” IOW, strike up a conversation about anything whatsoever — anything non-threatening.

I’ll have to see about trying this. As said, though, I’ve never been good at it.

Maybe the issue is confidence. Article doesn’t address that.

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The Supreme Court just granted a huge victory to fair-housing advocates

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more about this in the media.

Previous post: Doubts about Brown v. Board

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Who gets pulled over?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015. At Dunkin’ Donuts this morning, I ran into a former church member whom I’ve not seen for perhaps fifteen years. He is a different color. We had a good talk. I was able to tell him about my theory of “black agency.”

Afterwards, I stood outside smoking, watching the steady stream of cars turning right off (northbound) Calvert Street onto Lexington Street, and sometimes noticing the drivers. I recalled: I’d always been skeptical of reports of racial profiling on California’s highways, for the following reason. Driving down the highway, for one motorist to pay attention to another motorists’ skin color, let alone do something based on it, takes more than mere bias; it takes “issues.”

And it’s hard for me to believe so many people in law enforcement in California have “issues.”

Reblogged 2021-11-11.

3 thoughts on “* This is how you become a white supremacist

  1. The counter-missionaries and most Jews (especially Judaism adherents) define Hebrew, Jacob, Israel, land of Israel, Judah, house of Judah, Joseph, Ephraim, David, house of David, city of David, Zion, mount Zion, daughter of Zion e.t.c as all referring to a particular race and a particular parcel of land in the middle-east both in historic and eschatological contexts. Quite a lot of Christians (trying to avoid replacement theology label) have accepted these definitions without question and research. These definitions have caused majority to build eschatological edifices with extremely weak foundations.

    Majority of Christians cannot see the church in the tanack (also fooled by the old testament label) and so embraced Paul’s “olive tree grafting” concept without question -effectively making the church a sort of afterthought.

    I strongly advise you to do your own research for proper definition of these names starting from Genesis (foundation of all things) paying careful attention to name changes specifically -: Abram to Abraham -note the wording of the name change pronouncement by God.
    Jacob to Israel -note the name change pronouncement are exact same words as Abram’s.
    Simon to Peter -Why Jesus still referred to him as Simon.

    If one is able to put away the HANDCUFFS/INHIBITORS (i.e dogmas, religion, programmed beliefs) -very tough to do BTW and really research these definitions one will most likely come to an epiphany and discover who they really are in the imminent God’s scheme of things -extremely rewarding.

    As you may have known I have been banned from the counter-missionary forum but have been following your posts on the forum. I stumbled on your blog today and thought to share my 2 cents. God bless you.

    1. The moderator of that forum advised me this morning that — well, I’ll let him communicate that to you.

      I have a mind to make this comment the basis of a future post, so that we can discuss. I can e-mail you when that happens.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Update, August 5:

      The post appears here.

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