* Poor children have smaller brains

Poor children have smaller brains

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New brain science shows poor kids have smaller brains than affluent kids

I expect these reports to be vehemently condemned in the United States as racist, albeit the results are sure to be replicated in mono-ethnic nations such as Sweden.

A correction to the subtitle: To the best of my knowledge, there is no “growing” achievement gap.

The age-old debate of “nature vs. nuture” ignores the one factor I now regard as paramount, and paramount in Jesus’ teachings: choice.

Nature (genetics) is karma.

Nuture (environment) is also karma.

Sowell’s earlier research has been used to advocate for lenient sentences for youths who have been convicted of horrific crimes.  It seems to me now that children are responsible for choices with lifelong consequences, beginning at a very early age.

The one solution for bad karma is to live as Jesus taught.

“Noble and Sowell have two theories about why poor children have smaller brains. One is that poor families lack access to material goods that aid healthy development, such as good nutrition and higher-quality health care. The other is that poor families tend to live more chaotic lives, and that stress could inhibit healthy brain development.” [Emphasis added.]

Genesis indicates that God’s primary activity, in Creation, was bringing order out of chaos.  Jesus’ teachings equip us, each and all, to bring order out of the chaos of our lives.

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