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“Women priests” in the newsProblems in MyanmarRomney focuses on povertyFerguson questionsPhylicia Barnes update

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Georgia Walker Excommunicated For Attempting To Become Catholic Priest
Woman, 80, to become priest, then face excommunication

These folks have been receiving much favorable, or “sympathetic,” press.  I don’t get it.  One can hardly claim to be operating within the Church, or “reforming” it “from within,” if one is, in fact, operating  completely outside the Church.

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US, UN warn Myanmar over growing religious tensions

Note the English-language signs.

UPDATE, 2014-01-27:
U.N. rights chief slams Myanmar monk for ‘sexist’ remarks

The whole purpose of ad hominem is to direct attention away from the issues at hand. In this case, it worked. At least we have a better picture now of what sort of man this Wirathu is.

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Romney, moving toward 2016 run, outlines vision to eradicate poverty

On the one hand, I see this as a very welcome development that bodes well for the Republicans and for the country. I regret that Romney is already catching flack from the Tea Party and from people who regard his 2012 campaign as a train wreck.

On the other hand, I still believe poverty can never be eradicated, so that any campaign toward that end is destined to fail.

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It has for some time appeared to me that the prosecutor in the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown case may intentionally have presented so many crazies and patent liars as witnesses to the grand jury, as to totally confuse them and make it impossible to conclude any “probable cause.”

If this is so, it may not actually amount to misconduct. I have been surprised at the complete silence of other lawyers and prosecutors — The media avalanche on the whole situation continues. — who might otherwise criticize what happened.

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Judge drops all charges against Michael Johnson

Prosecutors plan to appeal.

Update, 2015-02-03:
Prosecutors refile charges in Barnes case

At this point, in what some see as “a clear case of double jeopardy,” there is a tangle of questions about exactly what the judge did at the previous trial and whether he had authority to do it. “Mosby said the Maryland attorney general’s office told her that … an appeal was not possible.”

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