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o Saving keystrokes

I see that some folks have been reaching this site by searching on “homeless blogger Baltimore.”

You can do it faster.

On Bing or on Yahoo!, if you search on “the homeless blogger,” I appear on the first page of results.

On Google, the same search will currently find me on page 5. I hope to improve that.

Alternatively, you can use that nifty “subscribe by e-mail” thingy in the upper right corner of the page.

But by all means, please be sure to link here, early and often throughout the day!

* My 10 Rules for 2015

I may add comments hereafter, whether here below or at the original post.

I generally never make resolutions, as per the dramatic graphic.

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Random Words

new-year-resolutionNew Year’s Resolutions are SO easy to break that I stopped making them ages ago. Last year I simply set a goal list for the year and I accomplished 8 out of 10 items. I’m thrilled with that.

This year I set a goal list again, but I’m also setting up a list of rules for my life in 2015. I’m going to print them out and place them on a wall near where I sit to remind me when I’m struggling. I’m going to make them into a picture to put on the background of my computer. I’m going to read them every day at first and then at least once a week later on, to keep myself on track with the changes I need to make.

These rules are things I realize I need to change within my own life. My biggest struggle has been dealing with false…

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