o Job search update, 12/01/14


Sr. Administrative Assistant — Transamerica

Announcement: I’m working!
Announcement: I’m not working after all.

POSTSCRIPT, 2014-12-06:

Several weeks ago, I decided to become pro-active in the specific search for work as “William Tell.” As this blog required some enhancements in order to serve its role as a tool for marketing myself under that name, I updated the Playlist to include audio copies of all the items listed. My next project on the blog is to upload Stuart Chase’s Guides to Straight Thinking, which is mentioned on my Resume.

An interesting twist occurred when I began the latter work: I couldn’t find the copy I had made of that text anywhere. Not on my flash drive; not in my e-mail archives; except one, an attachment to an e-mail I sent DLD in 2006. Who ever would have guessed that that e-mail, which probably seemed so trivial at the time, could prove to be so important to me now? It has all the material. The source files in Word date from 2004-2005, which indicates how long I have held these ambitions for William Tell.

I invested $110 in a digital recorder, which is crucial to my being able to make my demo tapes. In other words, I spent that money on a tool to advance my own career. At this point, it may be well to note some things on which I did not spend that $110:

• liquor
• weed
• lottery tickets
• clubs
• cooch
• grillz
• bling
• swag
• bail bonds
• crap games

I anticipate devoting one day a week to my job search in radio.  Initially, that one day will go principally to creating my demo tapes.  After that, I’ll have to find other pertinent ways to use that time.  In the meantime, my posts on this blog may be shorter and-or less frequent.

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