* All stressed up and nowhere to “go”

Monday 09/30/13

Yesterday, as usual, after church Vladimir and I went to the McDonald’s at Baltimore and Light Streets, to drink coffee and study. Time came when both of us needed to use the bathroom. The floor outside was flooded, and a sign on the door said, “Out of order. Sorry. 😦 ”

It remains out of service today.

I made arrangements to use the employees’ restroom at a nearby convenience store.

This particular McDonald’s serves what may be called a “special” population.

Something about this location attracts disproportionate numbers of crazy people, addicts, drunks and bums, aside from homeless people. So there is one single-stall bathroom, with a lock on the door. You have to pay 25¢ to get in.

Nonetheless, I see fresh vandalism in there almost every day.

Posting a camera outside the door won’t help. A customer can come out complaining about damage she herself caused.

The only solution is to install a camera inside the bathroom itself.

UPDATE 11/29/13

On Thursday 11/14/13 they installed a whole new TP dispenser in the bathroom.

When I was in there at 8:00 this morning, there was a fresh, new roll of toilet paper on the floor. Staff had not been able to find the key to the dispenser. That’s a management issue. This next detail is not.

When I was in there again at 9:30 this morning, the toilet paper was gone. Now, this is a roll of toilet paper about 11 inches in diameter. Someone had stolen it.

(Reblogged 2020-01-23.)

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