* Homeless celebrities

Homeless celebritiesDiscovering Nina Simone10,000 Boomers retire every dayWoman found beaten to death; daughter arrestedThe border crisis

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Another link from Brian Williard:

Homeless celebrities

I was particularly interested in William Shatner’s story.

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Hollywood Reporter interview with Zoe Saldana

I read this because I am, or was, a Zoe Saldana fan. Much less so after reading this interview. And I’m not wild about the photos that seem to try to make her look like Rhianna.

I mention this at all solely because the article mentions Nina Simone, whom I’d never heard of before. She turns out to be an interesting figure.

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Do 10,000 baby boomers retire every day?

The answer’s yes, and this represents a very serious issue for the federal budget, vis a vis entitlement programs.

Related: Entitlement(s): Attitude and Policy

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Woman found beaten to death; daughter arrested

Related: What’s in a name?

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Thursday 2014-07-31

‘SPEAKER CRUZ IS IN THE HOUSE’ — Republican Border Plan Is In Total Chaos After Conservative Revolt

Friday 2014-08-01

House GOP leaders spike border bill rather than see it defeated

Actually, my personal position on this is very “hard line” and probably close to the Tea Party’s.  However, the worst and most inhumane thing to do here is to do nothing at all, and lo and behold, Congress has done just that.  Again.

Saturday  2014-08-02

House passes two Republican measures in response to surge of child migrants

(Reblogged 09/05/19.)

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