Daily Archives: August 4, 2014

o Job search update, 08/04/14

I didn’t do too well this month.

Applications submitted in July ’14:

Administrative Assistant (Baltimore, MD) – Quest Group

Back Office Administrative Clerk – Gross Mendelsohn & Associates

Store Clerk Part Time – Save-a-Lot

Administrative Specialist – The Aspen Group


On my brothers’ unanimous advice, I am cashing in all my life insurance policies.  Once those proceeds are on hand, I will be able to apply for jobs with any-hours-whatsoever.  I will be free from the shelter’s rigid hours, because once I get such a job I can stay in a hotel until I can get my own place.

This assumes the job pays at least $30K.

In the meantime I’ll need to be looking primarily for part-time jobs that will let me save up money while I continue to stay at the shelter.  These are subject to the shelter’s rigid hours, however.