* Free speech issues, etc.

Some news sites cracking down on over-the-top commentsObama suggests sense of powerlessness in confronting the world’s evilsScary people downtownAn angry young man, and divine intervention

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Some news sites cracking down on over-the-top comments

The issue is offensive content in the comments on online news articles.

The article details efforts by different sites to deal with that problem — which indeed has become, in their view, a problem, else they wouldn’t be taking these steps.

The whole point of creating The William Tell Show was to give folk an interactive means to learn better ways of expressing themselves. As recently mentioned here:

“I take some joy in the fact that, for a person who follows the principles set forth in Free Speech Handbook, the principles I hope to teach as William Tell, hate speech becomes practically impossible.”

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Obama suggests sense of powerlessness in confronting the world’s evils

Assuming arguendo that the U.S. is, in fact, the world’s greatest power; it does not necessarily follow that the U.S. has the power or duty to solve every single problem that occurs in the world; although many people of all kinds will continue to insist that it does.

The nation here faces the same sort of issues as does any individual, as discussed in “The path of presence.”

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In a previous post, I described a certain individual who often hangs around outside McDonald’s. (See:  “I’m not changing my lifestyle.”)

Wednesday 05/07/14 I went to Rite Aid to pick up my latest prescriptions, and as I waited, that same individual happened to walk by me.

He said, “I’ll ask you one question before I shoot you.  Where is your sister?”

I would like to hear from Dan Rodricks, how a normal person can be expected to not find that disturbing.

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Sunday, 05/11/14. In the sermon, Pastor told about an angry young man who was distraught over a recent gun murder on Montford Avenue. He told Pastor, “You need to stay on your knees ‘till they bleed, until your God does something about this.” I was moved that I needed to tell Pastor how I would have answered him. I did so in the car when he gave me a ride downtown after church. I said, I do not expect divine intervention to come from outside. It must come from within. It’s a question of whether you, yourself, create peace within your own soul, your own world, and your relationships; letting go of all concerns that are literally outside your reach. Two current posts relate: “Co-creators with God” and “The path of presence.”

(Reblogged 01/24/19.)

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