* Give from abundance

I normally only publish on Mondays (comments on the news), Wednesdays (recycling old posts) and Saturdays (substantial new pieces).  A couple things happened this morning that seem to me urgent enough to warrant an off-schedule post.

I’d invite e-mail subscribers to hold on to their e-mail copy of this post, and will explain why.

Give from abundance  •  Out on a limb

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Give from abundance

A portion of today’s “Ask Amy” is directly on point with my reflections from this morning on my walk from McDonald’s to the library, and with points I will try to make in future posts tagged “Entitlement.” Here it is:

DEAR AMY: “Frustrated Father” was worried about his daughter who couldn’t say “no” to any request and then harbored resentment and frustration.

Something valuable I learned (that he should pass along to his daughter) is that you can only give of your excess. If you give to others from your essence (that which you need to keep yourself emotionally healthy), it will create a vacuum in your own life.

That vacuum will fill up with all kinds of negative things — resentment, frustration, substance abuse, etc. Giving to others is a beautiful and satisfying thing, but only if you can afford to give it. — Learned the Hard Way

DEAR LEARNED: I really like the way you have framed this relatively common problem: Give of your excess, not your essence.

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Out on a limb

Everybody knows I’m abnormal.

I have numerous abnormalities.

As may or may not be reported in subsequent posts, last week a couple of those abnormalities played into an instance of significantly offending a loved one while I was in a state of dire need. I’ve gone through significant distress behind this.

A major factor in how I became homeless: given these abnormalities, my lifelong failure to fit in.

Michael Phelps has numerous abnormalities, also.

I did not engage my usual intercession this morning. My devotional time was given instead wholly to whether or not I can find a way to fit in; to change these curses into blessings, and not for myself alone.

I presumed to obtain some insights. The direction of my job search may change.

As crazy as this may sound, I have deliberately held off on reading my horoscope for today until after this post will be published. I am hoping that, like a number of recent horoscopes, it will speak to current events, and specifically to the reflections just mentioned. If it does, I’ll take that for a green light.

A conundrum in reports of paranormal events, such as the possibility that my horoscope for today refers to the just-mentioned reflection, is the difficulty of making any such report evidentiary. In the long run, this post cannot be made evidentiary, because I can always return at any time and rewrite it any way I like; and no one can be the wiser —

except those who may retain a copy of the e-mail in their in-boxes, which will display the post un-edited as it was first published.

So it turns out to be lucky that, by accidently clicking a few wrong buttons a while back, I’m an e-mail Follower myself. I plan to retain my copy.

I’ll publish the results, one way or the other, in a planned subsequent post entitled “Exceptional horoscopes.” But if this pans out, even that can’t be evidentiary, as I just explained.

Update, 12:32 pm: Don’t bother to save the e-mails after all. None of the horoscopes I consulted spoke to career issues at all.

(Reblogged 07/05/18.)

5 thoughts on “* Give from abundance

  1. Congrats on the response from Ask Amy! It was a well worded letter you wrote, and also helpful to me in my private life.

    1. Seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. I didn’t write to Ask Amy; I merely copied an exchange that appeared in her column.

      Nonetheless, I’m glad you found it helpful. It’s interesting that we struggle with similar issues. As I indicated in the post, there’s a good deal more in the same vein, in the pipeline.

      I just wish I could hear Jesus speaking this way.

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