* McDonald’s commercials have changed; and other briefs

McDonald’s commercials have changed
The crazies and the stupids
Creation vs. the Big Bang?
Julius Henson in the news again

McDonald’s commercials have changed.

They must have read my post.

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The crazies and the stupids

Vladimir says he’d rather associate with the folks at my church, than with people in the program.

Brian Williard stays around the corner. One afternoon a year or two back, we were walking “home” from downtown and he remarked to me, “It’s such a relief to talk with a sane person.”

There’s something disorderly and vaguely disturbing in the behavior patterns of most of the people in my world today. It’s hard for me to pin down, really. One thing I know is that I’d rather not be around folk whose body language says they’re drunk or high even when they’re not.

Three incidents at McDonald’s Saturday-Sunday 02/15/14-02/16/14 may, may help me define what I’m talking about.

  • Sunday afternoon, Vladimir and I sat talking about silence and meditation. This man walked past carrying his order, on his way out the door, and said loudly, “You need to go to church and preach that bullshit.”
  • On our arrival that same day, this woman stood at the counter nodding. And, of all things, smoking a cigarette. When customers brought that to the manager’s attention, she directed the woman to leave. This took a while, as hostile as the customer became. “I’m a-wait for you when you get off, and beat your ass.”
  • Saturday afternoon after our time at the library, Vladimir and I were there drinking coffee. Time came, I needed to use the bathroom.  I knocked.  This man was in there.  For a long time.  For a long time.  For a long time.  I knocked again.  He called through the door that he needed to clean up, as he’d shit himself; and he opened the door, still sitting right there on the toilet, and pulled up his shorts to show me exactly what he was talking about.  “See?”

Stories like these may inform the remarks I will someday make here about self-segregation.

Saturday, March 1, 2014.  This morning a particular customer, a regular, was in there, drunk; just howling.  For a while.  Life in that store would be so much better if they’d only bar out people who are visibly intoxicated.

I don’t know what became of the recent proposed Baltimore City legislation concerning panhandling; but I’m prone to want to ask Dan Rodricks:  that McDonald’s bar out patrons who are visibly intoxicated; is that too much to ask?

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Creation vs. the Big Bang?

I’ve heard it from a preacher in chapel, a friend at Sunday school, and now an acquaintance on the street.

“You can believe in God,” they say, “or you can believe in the Big Bang,” as if one rules out the other.

I don’t know where that’s coming from, or why I’m hearing it so often of late.

It seems clear to me that the Big Bang was the means by which God accomplished Creation.

Similarly, I believe evolution is the tool God used to bring about innumerable life forms.

Science tells us How.  The Bible tells us Who.

———— ♦ ————

State says Julius Henson’s candidacy may violate his probation – (02/19)

Judge: Md. political consultant Julius Henson violated probation by running for office – (02/27)

My current spiritual tasks include learning not only to forgive the wrongdoer who repents, but to love the wrongdoer who does not repent.

(Reblogged 03/15/18.)

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