* Eggsactly right; and other news

The flap over eggs  •  Amanda Knox   •  Another child star meltdown
Child porn is not so simple   •   Promise for Parkinson’s   •  Bail is for the birds
Birth injury fund sought

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Missouri AG challenges California egg law

This came up in Yahoo!’s “Trending Now,” and the search results included pages at newsmax.com and examiner.com.  I had to search a bit to find an article at a REPUTABLE site.  For everyone’s information, in general henceforth I will avoid clicking anything leading to newsmax OR examiner: the former is disreputable, and the latter generates too many ads … too many for me to cause y’all to have to deal with.

The new law, in short, seems to me to be good for everyone (read: humanity), and IMO though it’ll cost ’em money, Missouri has no reason to cluck.

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Amanda Knox

I want to hear her version of exactly what happened that night.

OTOH, this article seems to make it pretty clear.

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Another child star meltdown

Justin Bieber ‘Extremely Abusive’ to Flight Attendant, Has Pot Party at 10,000 Feet

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The tragedy of Ryan Loskarn

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Finding Points to Possible New Parkinson’s Therapy

Parkinson’s is in my family. It involves the destruction of multiple types of nerve cells. Previous approaches have each sought to save only one type of nerve cell at a time, but this new research suggests a way that one single therapy may save them all.

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Bail is for the birds

Monday 2014-02-10. Danny, one of the other guys at the shelter, spent two days in jail last week. I don’t like him, and am not predisposed to believe him, but right is right and wrong is wrong, and it seems clear to me the outcome will be either nolle prosse (charges dropped) or acquittal.

His bail was $45,000.00, which I think must indicate some priors. The bail bond cost $4,500.00.

If the outcome is as I expect, it will be that he had to pay $4,500 or spend 28 days in jail, all because some guy who totes a badge and gun was in a snit.

There’s a lot of injustice in the justice system.

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Birth injury fund sought

“Malpractice attorney Wayne Willoughby said, ‘Rather than making bills to evade responsibility for committing malpractice, hospitals should instead be working to improve the quality of care.'”

I’ve worked on these cases.  Accidents occur in a very, very small percentage of births, but the results in any one case can be devastating.  Hospitals strive to settle these cases before trial, because no matter how outlandish the settlement amount may be, the award by a sympathetic jury might be worse.

Whether an inadvertent mistake constitutes “malpractice” or negligence is a big question.  That litigation awards in these cases have tremendously inflated the costs of medical care in this country, is not a question.

(Reblogged 2018-02-01.)

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