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* Advice for job-seekers

(Originally posted 05/19/12 at Trojan Horse Productions.  Reblogged 01/18/18.)

Plan that, after you obtain your high school or college diploma, you will work continuously until you retire.

At all costs, do not allow yourself to become completely jobless.

It’s much easier to find a job if you’ve got a job already. Among people who make hiring decisions there is tremendous prejudice against people who are jobless. And any gap in your employment history will provoke pointed questions in an interview.

If you find yourself in an unacceptable job situation, do your best to endure in that situation until you find another. Don’t leave the first job until you have found the second. Otherwise you’ll not only have no job, but you’ll also have no income.

Walking off a job, the several times I did so, was the one specific thing I did that has the most to do with my becoming homeless.

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