* Issues with upcoming posts

In the process of “recycling” old posts on Wednesdays, I am now coming upon a number of posts with which I’m not completely comfortable. I probably would not write them, now or in the future, the way I did at the time; but I’m also still not sure exactly how I’d write them differently.

At the time I wrote those posts, I supposed my homelessness would be brief, and William Tell would soon enough become a public figure able to speak to what he saw as the pressing social issues. My homelessness continues eighteen months later, and my perceptions of those issues have changed.

From 2006 to 2011, from what I saw in the ‘hood where I lived and also in the ‘hood where I worked, I became more and more convinced that what the poor need most is to change their ways. Normal people live according to the ways of prosperity, busying themselves creating wealth. Most of my neighbors and customers lived instead according to the ways of poverty, busying themselves destroying wealth.

So the posts tagged “Get on your feet” meant to urge folk to change their ways.

They come off, however, with an indignant, judgmental, scolding tone such that those who I thought need to hear it, may not listen.

I also have since become convinced that the real need is more fundamental.

It’s a failure to care for oneself.

A rejection or disbelief that one is loved by God.

So I am more inclined to say today: “Repeat after me:

I am God’s child; God loves me.

I am God’s child; God loves me.

I am God’s child; God loves me.

Repeat until you believe it.”

(Reblogged 11/16/17.)

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