o Job search update, 01/06/14

(Composed 2014-01-01.)

Here are the positions I applied to in December:

MC Administrative Asst, Cardiac Care Nursing Admn Job – UMMS
MC Administrative Asst, Staffing Office Job – UMMS
Production Assistant (Part Time) – Sinclair Broadcast Group
Logistics Administrative Assistant  – Cowan Systems, LLC – Baltimore, MD
Administrative Assistant – ABC Behavioral Health
Secretary – Union Memorial Hospital
MC Administrative Asst, Staffing Office Job (#29951) – UMMS
Administrative Assistant III – 1st Choice Staffing
MC Administrative Asst, Cardiac Care Nursing Admn Job (#29837) – UMMS (again)

I’m embarrassed that there weren’t more.

As may have been mentioned previously, there is an opportunity I’m actively pursuing with one of the three City agencies where I interviewed in October-November for Secretary II.  I am to meet them again Monday 01/06/14 to fill out some forms and then, immediately after, take the physical and drug test.  This is within walking distance from the shelter; my main concern is being able to leave work in time to get a shower at the shelter each day.

If this works out, I may be able to get my own place — once I’ve saved up enough money for one month’s rent, plus security deposit, plus bus pass. I want to live in Washington Hill, which would be within walking distance of both work and church.  I’m fantasizing about going to thrift shops to buy clothes and pots and pans.  And, of course, acquiring a cat.

If I wind up posting updates like this one in future months, I may only report numbers.  Giving out the specific titles and names of prospective employers may be overmuch specific personal information to publish online.   And there may be “political” considerations that would best be discussed with people privately:  here’s one broadcasting entity that I may wind up having to work for, but with misgivings as IMO it’s the most effectively racist and powerful negative influence on the people’s spirit in Maryland.  Here’s another broadcasting entity that I may wind up having to work for, but with misgivings as their turnover rate (per what appears in my job listings) is astronomical: morale there must be the pits.  And in my current listings are several realistic positions with a financial publisher — I’d like to ask Brian about its reputation. — that appears likewise to be powerful, but also advertises very heavily on the Net and appears to me to be fearmongering demagogue wannabes.

We’ll see.

1 thought on “o Job search update, 01/06/14

  1. Bill –

    – Great news on the job prospects with the City. Seems very promising with the drug screen and paperwork coming up!
    – When facing fears (such as not being able to get back to the shelter in time for a shower), an exercise that is helpful for me is to assume that the worst fear is realized. Then ask myself, “3 months from now, what will things be like?” In other words … despite the worst fear being realized, the world keeps spinning, the sun will still come up, and I will find a way to work through it. Realizing that reduces the power the fear has over me. You probably have a similar or even better coping approach.
    – I think the transparency you provide in the blog on the job search shows much humility and honesty.
    – Happy to provide any thoughts on the financial publisher you are talking about.

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