The strange case of Ronald Ilg


He’s an exceptionally personable person.  He makes friends easily, and they quickly become convinced that he’s a good guy through and through.  But boy, does he ever have secrets.

Hitman-Hiring Baby Doctor Gets Engaged to Fellow Con’s Wife

Isabella Bower is divorcing her husband; he’s locked up.  He introduced her to another inmate, Ronald Ilg.  They exchanged letters, fell in love, and now talk on the prison phone as much as 15 minutes at a time, as many as 10 times a day.  (When and where I was locked up, one had to be really assertive to get any phone access at all.)  They’re engaged.

What’s he locked up for?

He pleaded guilty to charges relating to a plot, as follows.  He went on the dark web and tried to hire a hit man to kidnap his estranged wife, hold her hostage, and inject her with heroin until she would agree to come back.

Meanwhile, he also had a mistress.  Theirs was a BDSM relationship; she signed a contract to serve as his “sex slave.”  The document was introduced as an exhibit in court.  He punishes her by locking her in a bunker outside his house.

The amazing thing to me was that he managed to juggle two (three?) women.  If I am intimately involved with one person, I cannot function sexually with anyone else.

It must be nice to be rich.

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