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It’s been a long time since I last invited donations.  March 2019, it was.

The simplest way to donate, if one feels led to, is to use my GoFundMe.  Just click on the words, “Please donate!” above.

“Thoughts and prayers” are just as important as any financial donation.

At this moment I have about $100 in savings, and $100 on my debit card.  My next Soc. Sec. payment, ~$1,150, will arrive on 04/01.  I will need another $100 to see me through till then.

I had saved up a lot from the COVID stimulus checks, but that’s now exhausted.

I admit that I had been living the high life, comparatively speaking.  For a long time, I had to transfer $200 from savings to checking each month.  I will tell some of the changes I’m making, at once, in order to live more within my means.

  • Spend cash on hand.  I don’t know how much, but I’ve got a bunch, from people buying single cigarettes (“loose ones”).
  • Cut back smoking.  (1) I’m a soft touch, which I’ll mention again later.  If a nice person asks me nicely, I’m prone to give him or her a smoke; but if this happens as many as five times a day (and, it does), I can’t afford that. (2) I fairly often used to smoke two or three back to back.  I need to change that to just one at a time.  When the first one’s done, don’t light the second; GO BACK INSIDE.  (One can’t just eliminate a behavior.  One must REPLACE it.)
  •  Cut back coffee.  (1) My Dunkin’ Donuts drink of choice was the medium “frozen” coffee (like a slushie).  In point of fact, between 10:00 and 14:00 Sunday, I drank three of those back to back.  MAN, THEY’RE GOOD.  But I can’t afford them any more.  I must switch to regular, hot coffee. (2) Drink only one on any trip to Dunkin’ Donuts.  When the first one’s done, don’t guy a second; GO BACK TO THE DORM.  This will mean (a) rationing my Net presence, since the DD wi-fi is the only reliable wi-fi available to me; (b) drinking Pepsi from a two-liter jug by my bunk, instead of bought coffee, during those newly-extra hours at my bunk.
  • Be selfish.  If I can’t afford it, I can’t afford it, and I need to accept that fact; and the people who keep asking me for stuff, need to accept it, too.  (1) I ran into an old bud a couple months ago, and aside from a $20 flat-out gift, wound up “lending” him another $20, then another, then another, until I’d “lent” him $120, not counting the first gift.  No more. (2) An occupational hazard of homelessness, and shelter life:  there is a drawer at my bunk where I keep my things; there’s a lock on it, but if I’m going to the bathroom, or out on smoke break, or down to supper, I didn’t necessarily used to always lock it.  On one some such occasion, an unknown person went in there and took the envelope in which I had $80.  I know who I want to accuse, but I have no evidence, and he’s since got barred out anyway.  Such events are rare here, but I still have to recognize what kind of folk surround me.

I anticipate getting my own place within a few weeks.  That will mean many changes.  My rent will be 1/3 of my income, and I’ll pay some TBD portion of utilities. One way or another, Net access will cost me about $50/month.  I will have food stamps, at least at the beginning; there will be no more Dunkin’ Donuts; I’ll make all my coffee at home, which will be a lot cheaper.  I want a cat, but won’t get one unless and until it becomes clear that I can afford it.

I’m actually insecure about being able to afford that rent, so getting a job has become urgent, whether or not I feel ready for it.  Depending on how much the job pays, I may be disqualified from food stamps and/or the rental assistance program.

A certain college classmate has donated $25/month every month, for years.

Any amount, or no amount, or mere well-wishes, are all welcome.  God bless you all !!!

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