Lily Peters,Tristyn Bailey, Bianca Devins

Three young girls were murdered in similar circumstances.

Lily Peters

The ten-year old girl had gone to spend time at her aunt’s house, which was not far from her own home; she took her bike.  Her cousin was to walk her home, and something went very wrong on that trip.  It is not clear to me whether the aunt was her mother’s sister, or her father’s.

Killing of Lily Peters – Wikipedia

04/27/22 — Suspect in Lily Peters killing planned attack “from the get-go,” prosecutors say

04/29/22 — Inside troubled upbringing of Lily Peters’ ‘killer’ who was 6 when his ‘pedo dad was jailed after crack pipes found’ | The Sun

09/01/22 — Lawyer for teen accused of killing Lily Peters seeks juvenile court (

Tristyn Bailey

She apparently sneaked out of her bedroom in the middle of the night, to meet a boy.

05/27/21 — Florida girl Tristyn Bailey, 13, was stabbed 114 times in premeditated attack by 14-year-old classmate, state attorney says (

08/17/22 — Timeline: Events in the disappearance, death of Florida 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey (

12/15/22 —  Florida Teen Accused Of Stabbing Cheerleader 114 Times Denied Transfer Out Of Solitary Confinement (

Bianca Devins

She was in, apparently, a platonic relationship with a boy who was unsatisfied with just that.  They went to a concert, and on the return trip, he killed her.  He had propped up his phone on the dashboard in such a position as to be able to livestream the whole event, and published “stills” online.  He had also pre-set his phone to be playing a certain song on loop when the police would arrive.

08/10/22 — Bianca Devins’ family targeted by online community after teen’s murder: “Absolutely traumatizing” – CBS News


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