Where DOES this nonsense come from?

As of August 21, 2022, I am struggling to find peace of mind.  In recent weeks, I have fixated on the ramifications of the Dobbs decision, the juggernaut of Trump-endorsed candidates in the Republican primaries, and other scandals.  Self-care, personal hygiene, and career goals have all taken a back seat.

Many years ago, I worked for 3½ years as secretary to one particular lawyer.  Our working relationship was nearly ideal; most of the time, we were hand-in-glove.  We anticipated each other.  Our personal relationship sometimes left a lot to be desired.

Sometimes he would come to my desk intent on giving me directions, in person, orally and at once; and if I happened not to be there at the moment, he’d get upset.  I don’t know, for real, how often I went to the bathroom, or how long I stayed there each time; I don’t recall its being a long time very often; of course, if I were away from my desk, I might have gone to the copier or to the supply room.

But if I came back from the bathroom, and he asked me where I’d been, he’d often say, “You were there an awful long time.  What, are you sick?”

He said this with an accusatory tone, as if to diminish me.  I would think, maybe, if I’m sick, I don’t belong here today; do you want me to go home?  In that case, who would do his secretarial work?

His excuse was that he was hypoglycemic.  Related:  Diseases you can’t see

I find it inexplicable.

I felt bad for his wife and children.

If we encounter inexplicable nonsense personally in our day-to-day lives, it need not surprise us that it also appears on the national scene.


As indicated in the passage, “The inevitability of turmoil,” in the real world, we face random events.  And they can team up, as it were, to have surprising consequences.  The currents that form in bodies of water, the waves that form in them; the currents that form in the atmosphere, from the random motions of the wind; by the virtue of similar currents and turbulence in the political world, it can even happen that a puerile, tantrum-prone, cognitively deficient blowhard will ride a wave of straight, white male(*) angst into the White House.


(*)It wasn’t just male.  53% of white women voted for Trump in 2016.  It makes me wonder what demographic gave Hilary Clinton the majority of the popular vote.


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