zeusnewsnow and Joan Carra (Second of two posts)

“And now, for something completely different.”

Arthur Knight’s principal public project has been a self-styled news platform, Zeusnewsnow.com. On the site, he claims to have two collaborators.  By comparison, my original blog, “Trojan Horse Productions,” purported to be a collaboration of myself and two others, Rachel Bias and Richard (Wang Tu) Long.  But the collaborators were fictional.  I’ll let you decipher the puns.  Zeusnewsnow was created to discredit one Joan Carra, but has taken on a second focus of demonizing David Leavitt, who was mentioned in the first post.

Knight purporting to have never set foot in the United States, it’s curious that he’d pay so much attention to a county attorney in Utah.

At any rate, Joan Carra filed suit against Bob Dylan in 2021, alleging that, in April and May of 1965, when she was twelve years old, Dylan held her in his flat at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan for six weeks, plying her with drugs and alcohol and repeatedly molesting her.

Where were her parents?

Dylan’s defenders point out that, for most of the time in question, he was out of the country, touring in the UK.

Knight calls Carra “America’s top psychic,” though I’ve never heard anyone else make that claim about her — I’ve never heard anyone make any claim about her. — and she herself make no such claim on her chaotic website.

A person called “Amy” contacted Knight, saying that she had been a client of Carra’s for some time following a major traffic accident and difficult sequelae.  Carra sought to impress on Amy that she and two of her children had been molested by Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne, in this and previous lives; and pressed her to take legal action.

I know no American court that would award damages for torts committed in previous lives.

Knight reprints an e-mail Carra sent Amy on November 5, 2013:

“From my heart I know this is hard and I stand where you stood. We have known one another for 2plus years but the spirits the gods and the victims need your voice your power.  They are afraid of us but we know the truth.

“I have taken a look and did a special reading with relevance to this. The cards say that what you told me in your dream was the reverse of what happened the opposite as discussed on the phone. If you were standing online at the pharmacy they give you oxy instead of Tylenol look what you are putting into your body now it is the same thing. You have been  drugged redacted and the evil spirits have had your way with you and redacted and redacted. Tylenol (spiritual) is not in your system it’s the oxy! It interferes with our pre-life memory is that why you came to me? After the accident?

“You told me it was Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon that you saw there and they were there hurting you, raping you, sodomizing you with a boat oar. You knew it and I knew it before you even tell me these things. If you sue them you weaken their negative energy, them and their unseen servants redacted!

“If you are afraid of them don’t be! But we must unite and help prevent Osbourne Dylan and Lennon abuse from happening to other girls! Here and in the after life. Don’t let the spiritual (oxycontin) they fed you in your dreams trick you into thinking they did not rape you.

“I’ve been doing this so long redacted and you know I guided you to your pre life situation. You saw those three stars hurting you, raping you as a young girl. If it happened then it happened in this life. If it did not the cards would not confirm it.

“Do not be afraid of the visions that is part of the healing process. We are to forgive, forgive, forgive! Peace to all but they must answer (Osbourne and Bob Dylan) in this world and Lennon in the other.

“Give me an answer. We can communicate with the angels who witnessed your abuse on the ouija or in meditation. But don’t give up now! We are almost there! The angels will tell you what to do! Trust them!

“Please phone me on the cell and we can work through this!”

In response to this, Amy cut off all contact with Carra; who certainly sounds like a nut case.

Later developments:

07/29/22 — Joan Carra’s suit against Bob Dylan was either withdrawn or dismissed with prejudice; I don’t know if those are mutually exclusive.  The end came over a discovery dispute:

08/11/22 — Bob Dylan Calls for “Monetary Sanctions” Against Lawyers of Accuser (consequence.net)

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