Afraid of dogs?

Never, ever, did I ever think I would be.  I could be, now.

From headlines in May 2022, not counting the one from December 2021:

I could hardly ever believe I’d be afraid of dogs; I don’t think I’ve ever personally met a mean one in my life.  But a steady stream of headlines like those linked to, in a short period of time — even six months — definitely made a fear of dogs a possibility, for me.

This speaks to me of how prejudices form, and of the effect of media on one’s feelings.

On the other hand, before all this began, my favorable attitude toward dogs showed up in my feeling that the wide variety of facial expressions they display, seem remarkably to match humans’ own.  I started a collection of FaceBook posts showing those expressions; the images and videos below are taken from that collection.  Unfortunately, in the meantime, many of the posts I had collected had been taken down, so that the images were no longer available.

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Video: “I definitely don’t want any of your food.”

Video:  Owner tells dog he gave all the treats to the cats:

Video:  OMG so smart dog: Facebook (The issue with this video is that the dog looks so, so sad.)

Later headlines:

07/20/22 — Dogs maul, kill 71-year-old man walking to store: TX sheriff | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

07/24/22 — Texas dog owner arrested after deadly mauling of 71-year-old man | Fox News

08/17/22 — 5 Great Danes attack, kill owner in northwest Iowa

08/19/22 — Pit bull owner charged with horrific attack on Prosser mother and son in their own yard

08/25/22 —  Officer shoots dog attacking its owner in PA park: police | The Kansas City Star

10/09/22 — 2 children killed, mother injured after Tennessee dog mauling (

10/10/22 — 80-year-old woman out for a walk attacked and killed by two dogs in California – CBS Sacramento (

10/22/22 — 5-year-old Utah boy recovering after neighborhood dog attack | Idaho Statesman

10/23/22 — Guilty plea entered in February dog attack case that injured woman | News |

10/26/22 — Amazon delivery driver dead after apparent dog attack (

12/10/22 — Police: Cops find unconscious man after he’s mauled by dogs | The Kansas City Star

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