David Wong

My latest distraction

After a few years’ absence, David Wong is back, advertising intensely on FaceBook.  For years, he was marketing (cursedly expensive) electrical devices he claimed emanate qi, or the Life Force.  His latest application will, he says, send you qi over the phone.

One of his current ads:

Note the word “Quantanium” in the upper left corner.  That’s another of his websites or trademarks.  “Quantum” is a current buzz word, but has no meaning in this context.

From his latest website:

He does not indicate the source of the qi, nor how it was focused on the mice — from 3,000 miles away.  It is true that qi passes unimpeded through material objects, that its motion is instantaneous, and that it does not dissipate across distance; for reason that it exists outside of space-time.  He provides no link to any published research, which leads me to believe no such experiment ever took place.

“Ai,” standing for “artificial intelligence,” is another current buzz word, with no pertinence to qi.  There is no evidence, none, that consciousness can effect electronic devices.   Qi can be perceived by, and can influence, living things; but it cannot be detected by any mechanical or electrical device.  Since it can’t be detected by any such device, it follows that it can’t be created by any such device, either.



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