Podcast — Your Heart’s Desire

What is your heart’s desire?

Your Heart’s Desire

Related:  “Your Heart’s Desire,” by Emmet Fox

Your Heart’s Desire

Music:  Roy Orbison, “You Got It”


It’s The William Tell Show.  I call myself William Tell; you can call me Bill.  Thank you for including me in your world.

Hallowe’en is coming!  The scariest costume I have
is my birthday suit, so I plan to go out in that again
this year.  To find me, you just need to follow the screams.

“Your Heart’s Desire” is an essay written by Emmet Fox.  It’s too long for me to just read it here, so I’ll read some excerpts and discuss it. I will also post a link.

Emmet Fox lived from 1886 to 1951, and was a minister in the denomination that calls itself “Divine Science,” which in turn falls within the movement known as “New Thought.”  He had a church in New York City, and was enormously popular during the Great Depression, often having more than 5,000 present on a Sunday.

The gist of the essay is that your mission in life,
the call of God on your life, is the same as
your heart’s desire; and that if you only pursue that, everything in your life will fall into place.

But what does he mean by, “Your heart’s desire?”

He says, quote,
“Already in your past life from time to time,
God Himself has whispered into your heart
just that very wonderful thing, whatever it is, that
He is wishing you to be, and to do, and to have.
And that wonderful thing is nothing less
than what is called Your Heart’s Desire.
Nothing less than that.
The most secret, sacred wish that lies
deep down at the bottom of your heart,
the wonderful thing that you hardly dare to look at,
or to think about — the thing that you would rather die than have anyone else know of,
because it seems to be so far beyond anything that you are, or have at the present time,
that you fear that you would be cruelly ridiculed
if the mere thought of it were known —
that is just the very thing, that God is wishing you to do or to be for Him.
And the birth of that marvelous wish in your soul —
the dawning, of that secret dream —
was the Voice of God Himself telling you
to arise and come up higher
because He had need of you.”  End quote.

We’ll look at this some more after the break.

[Commercial break]

This is all current for me, as in recent weeks
I have been examining whether doing The
William Tell Show
is, in fact, my heart’s desire.
I’ve had it as an intention for decades, but have never acted on it — never acted on this thing that is what I have most wanted to do.  In fact, in life, I have hardly ever acted on what I most wanted to do.
I keep seeking guidance, guidance, guidance,
but from God, or from prayer, it never comes.
Finally, I wrote in my diary on September 20th,
“One’s own desires are a form of guidance.”

And I said that, as far as The William Tell Show is concerned, it was time to stop putting roadblocks in front of myself, and just do it.

This does not mean that acting on my heart’s desire, or acting on your heart’s desire, will necessarily be easy.

Fox also says, quote:

“Remember that this call is the call of God, and when God calls you to His Service, He pays all the expenses in whatever kind of coin.  ‘What soldier [goes] to war at his own [expense]?’  Whatever you may require to answer that call, God will provide.  Money, opportunity, introductions, knowledge, training, freedom, leisure, strength, and courage — all will He furnish, if you be about His business and not your own.

“Your Heart’s Desire is the Voice of God
and that Voice must be obeyed sooner or later.”
End quote.

When he speaks of “strength and courage,” that tells me that there may be obstacles to overcome, and hard work to do.

I do have some disagreements with Emmet Fox, here, but have chosen not to burden us with them.

What do you suppose is your heart’s desire?

Today’s music is “You Got It,” by Roy Orbison.

2 thoughts on “Podcast — Your Heart’s Desire

  1. Astonishing post as always! Listening to your heart is a key to living a fulfilling life. Otherwise, you may go down a path to find out later that you’ve chosen the wrong one. You may live to meet other people’s expectations without ever finding what matters to you. And in the end, you simply live someone else’s life without ever living yours.

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