How not to choose a sperm donor

How not to choose a sperm donorLies about immigrationHeather Cook updateBizarre child abuse caseThe reality of quantum weirdness

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Carolyn Hax: Parenting is a sacred responsibility

Dear Carolyn:

I’m getting ready to pick a donor for my pursuit of single motherhood and I’m toying with the idea of a Sperm Picking Party. I would screen a list of potential donors and then close friends and family would come over, drink a bunch of wine and narrow us down to the winner.

I’ve said it before:

If you don’t want the child
enough to get married,
you don’t want the child

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Lawmaker bungles immigration facts at town hall meeting

The key word for me in discussions of immigration is “illegal,” a term almost never admitted by those who call themselves immigrant advocates.

That being so, I still don’t care for misleading propaganda, as reported here.

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Bishop apologizes for oversights in Cook case
If I understand Fr. Sutton’s position here, then I disagree. A history of alcoholism should not, in itself, bar anyone from any position. If she misled the search committee about her background, however, that’s a different matter.

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Parents of Michigan boy found in basement charged with torture

What makes this case bizarre is that the father had staged a heck of a media blitz while the boy was absent, only to be told while on live TV that the boy had been found in the father’s basement.

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The Reality of Quantum Weirdness

This exposition of wave-particle duality comes just in time. At this writing, I have been anticipating including a discussion of the same in “Embracing what is.” In short — and the author’s questions here seem to be exactly the same as mine — at the subatomic level, the observer and the thing observed become inseparable. What you want to see isn’t just what you’ll see; what you want to see will be what is.

Originally posted 2015-03-23.

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