Obama’s Christian humility

Obama’s Christian humilityImposter queen tries to seize mansionHigh speed chase with multiple carjackingsISIS beheads 20 EgyptiansWhen free speech crosses the line

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Obama’s Christian humility

If I recall correctly, Dionne is a liberal, and I don’t normally agree with him. (I don’t normally agree with any ideologue.) Here, however, I believe he is spot on.

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Woman claiming to be a queen tries to kick family out of $4.7 million mansion

“She considers herself a Moorish American National and is part of the sovereign citizens movement, going by the name ‘Queen Makieah Ali Bay.'”

“Slaughter said her father introduced her to a man who claimed the County Sheriff would give them the keys to the unoccupied home after 10 days if she and husband changed their names and filed the necessary documents.”

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Watch this Carjacker Lead Police on a Dramatic High Speed Chase

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Egypt strikes IS group in Libya after video of mass killing

Historically, Western media have always attended solely to terrorist attacks on Western targets. All along, the Arab nations have endured much worse.

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The menace in an Internet threat

This concerns what I regard as the important case of Elonis v. United States pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. A flipside to the heckler’s veto would say that offensive speech deserves to stop as soon as one knows offense is taken.

Originally posted 2015-03-16.

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