“The Church Must Be the Conscience of the State”

No, it must not.

The Church Must Be the Conscience of the State | National Review

The author, Kathryn Jean Lopez, has one issue, namely, abortion.  She quotes extensively from a sermon by the liberal icon Martin Luther King, Jr., hoping thereby to dissuade liberals from disagreeing with her.

I disagree with Martin Luther King, Jr. about many things.  Whether he was the prophet he presumed to be, I do not know.  I do know that prophecy in the Biblical sense cannot occur in America today.

When Nathan confronted David, he did so in the context that both of them were subject to a covenant between that nation and that nation’s god.  No such covenant exists between the United States and any god today.

2 thoughts on ““The Church Must Be the Conscience of the State”

  1. I just came across your blog today, and am extremely impressed by your posts, the wide subject matter covered, your honest and observant thoughts, and obvious character. (I also probably wouldn’t have access to Stuart Chase’s book without that posting.) Thank you for putting important ideas out there and defending faith, justice, and good old common sense.

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