Reincarnation in the Bible

The Bible is rife with examples of reincarnation.

In the chart below, people named in any row are, I believe, different incarnations of the same entity or “soul.”  People named in any column were contemporaries of one another. Note patterns that continue from one relationship to another; inversions, especially in positions of power; and reversals.  Note also that intentions can be karmic.

Jesus David Third Isaiah Elisha Joseph Joshua
Peter Joab
Lazarus Gehazi
John the Baptist Elijah
Antipas Ahab
Herodias Jezebel
Paul Saul Solomon Ezra
Pilate Uriah Potiphar
Pilate’s wife Bathsheba Potiphar’s wife
Judas Absalom Judah
Tamar Tamar
Apostle John Jonathan


1a) Elijah was forerunner to Elisha, as John the Baptist was forerunner to Jesus.

1b) Jesus’ miracles replicate Elisha’s.

2) As Elijah confronted Ahab, John the Baptist confronted Antipas.  The issue: Herodias had originally been the wife of Antipas’s brother Philip, but Antipas literally seduced her away from him.  (The Herodians’ family tree includes many unusual sexual unions.)

3) What Jezebel intended as to Elijah, Herodias accomplished as to John the Baptist.

4) As Jonathan was unusually intimate with David, the apostle John was unusually intimate with Jesus.

5) Paul, Solomon and Ezra were all renowned for their intellects.

6) Solomon began his reign by assassinating the surviving enemies of Saul.  That is to say, Solomon carried out Saul’s revenge upon his enemies.

7) Ezra initiated the separation of Jews from gentiles that Paul strove to undo.

8) Paul’s exchange with Jesus echoes Saul’s exchange with David.

9) Judah abused Tamar his daughter-in-law; Absalom avenged Tamar his sister — but then abused his father’s concubines.

10) Judah betrayed Joseph, Absalom betrayed David, and Judas betrayed Jesus.

11) Thirty pieces of silver:  Judah and Joseph, Genesis 37:28; Judas and Jesus, Matthew 26:15.

12) The impulsive man of action Peter was Jesus’ right-hand man, as the impulsive man of action Joab was David’s.

13) Jesus’ friend Lazarus and Elisha’s servant Gehazi were both leprous.  The name Lazarus means “leprous.”

14) The names Joshua, Isaiah and Jesus are all fundamentally the same in Hebrew.

15) Third Isaiah was zealous about the Sabbath; Jesus largely disregarded it.

16) What Potiphar’s wife intended as to the handsome Joseph, Bathsheba accomplished as to the handsome David.  Pilate’s wife may have had a crush on Jesus.

17) Joseph was the loyal Jewish servant to the gentile master Potiphar, as Uriah was the loyal gentile servant to the Jewish king David and Jesus the Jewish subject of the gentile ruler Pilate.

18) In his interrogation of Jesus, Pilate taunts him again and again with the title “King of the Jews.”  It is exactly as if Uriah were confronting David — now that the tables have turned. Uriah’s retribution against David, Pilate accomplished against Jesus.


1a) Second Kings 2; Matthew 3:11-12; Matthew 11:14.

1b) See: Elisha as a Type of Christ and His Disciples (

2) First Kings 18:16-17, First Kings 21:28, Matthew 14:3-5.

3) First Kings 19:1-2; Matthew 14:6-8.

4) First Samuel 18:1; John 13:23, 21:20.

5) First Kings 4:29-30; Acts 26:24; as for Ezra, just read his book!

6) First Kings 2.

7) Ezra 10:11; Ephesians 2:4.

8) First Samuel 26:17, Acts 9:4-5.

9) Genesis 38; Second Samuel 13:28-29; Second Samuel 16:22.

10) Genesis 37:26-27; Second Samuel 15; Matthew 26:48-49.

11) See above.

12) No cites necessary.

13) Second Kings 5:27.

14) No cites necessary.

15) Isaiah 56:2-6; Matthew 12.

16) Handsome: Genesis 39:6, First Samuel 16:12.  Seduction: Genesis 39:12, Second Samuel 11:4.

17) No cites necessary.

18) John 18:29—19:22.


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