I can say this now.

I didn’t want to contribute to the post-election turmoil.

As of this writing, I also have reservations because I really am seeking to reorient my posts toward the upbeat, consistent with “Three Wise Monkeys.”

A running theme of criticisms of Donald Trump during his (first?) term, was that he was divisive.  I found this hard to pin down, perhaps mainly because I didn’t pay all that much attention to his words; but it was also something his supporters never seemed to understand.  In light of the election, I think we can say he was decisively divisive.

That’s what the election was all about.

The politicization of coronavirus began, as far as I know, with Rush Limbaugh’s saying the virus was a media hoax intended to make Trump look bad.  In  the end, Trump took that to its ultimate extreme; his approach to the campaign being the ultimate politicization of coronavirus.

He divided the nation into two camps:  the masked and the maskless.  Those who presumed to take prudent measures to protect public health; and those who regarded themselves as, in contrast, having balls.

The former were destined to vote principally by mail, and the latter principally in person.  And that was, on the one hand, the great division of the election and its results.  On the other hand, Trump and his minions went to great lengths to disenfranchise mail-in voters.

In Pennsylvania, the GOP-led state legislature first forbade any counting of ballots prior to election day, and then set a limit of three days after the election for all ballots to be counted.  Any mail-in ballots received after election day, would not be counted, regardless of when postmarked.  The whole was clearly intended to limit the number of mail-in ballots that could be counted, no matter how many were cast.

All this said, maybe his supporters can understand now what we meant by “divisive.”

Apparently Trump and his minions actually, tragically, believed Rush Limbaugh.

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As of this writing, 11/14/20, our death toll from COVID is 1,000 per day.

What is it as of December 12?

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