‘Sasquatch Family’ Prank Leaves Arizona Officials Laughing

SasquatchForgotten terrorists in Africa9 Things You Should Have Done By The Time You’re 50Why did HuffPost run this?Football or porn?

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‘Sasquatch Family’ Prank Leaves Arizona Officials Laughing

A staff member tweeted a screen shot of some bushes alongside a highway, speculating that they might be a family of Bigfeet. Or Bigfoots.

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Two stories. First:

Top LRA rebel in US custody, says Uganda army

The Lord’s Resistance Army has been off the radar screen for a long time.

“‘What they did to us was unbelievable,’ Susan Amoding told AFP, recalling how her childhood in Gulu was spent in fear of attacks by the fighters, who earned a grim reputation for slicing the lips and ears of their victims.”

Is it good that we have boots on the ground there?


Congo threatens to attack Rwandan Hutu rebels as ultimatum expires

These are the remnants of the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide, who have brought nothing but trouble anywhere they’ve gone. The horror of the war crimes included clergymen mass-killing members of their own congregations, and instructions to the killers being broadcast over standard-broadcast radio stations.

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9 Things You Should Have Done By The Time You’re 50

On the one hand, I have never agreed with the notion of setting deadlines for one’s goals in life. On another hand, I am surprised that the author lists goals that are absolutely out of reach for people who are not well off — like me.

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Mysterious Crop Circles Appear Over Mexico: Spawn Suspiciously Huge Attention From Authorities

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Stray thought from during the football marathon we were compelled to sit in the day room and watch Sunday night 2015-01-11 (And, yes, I believe Dallas got robbed. I cannot believe the call on that Bryant catch.):

“We’re watching football. Why not watch porn instead?

“Is there a difference?”

Originally posted 2015-11-26.

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