Danny has two sides.

This is not the same Danny I’ve referred to before.

Danny’s young & handsome, soft-spoken, well-spoken, and well-mannered. He has tight braids down to his waist. He obeys all the rules. He is a talented artist; has this 18×24” painting that he carries with him everywhere he goes. He keeps a diary. He’s well-versed in Scripture and in Christian beliefs.

He has nightmares about his enemies.

Seems to me you can’t have enemies, at least not like that, unless you really do someone dirty — most likely more than one person, and most likely more than once.

Overheard this conversation in the bathroom, and he’s capable of that.

Go figure.

This other fellow has two sides, too.

I don’t know his name; I’ll call him Steve. Also involved was this peacekeeper whose name I should know but don’t recall; I’ll call him Alvin.

The three of us were in the smoke pit, Steve sitting to my right, watching his phone, and Alvin standing in the corner. Alvin tried to start a conversation with Steve, but Steve said, “I’m trying to watch this sermon.”

Moments, moments later, Steve jumped up. “The hospital’s a freak show, yo!” (Now, in ‘hood parlance, a “freak” is someone whose sexuality is out of control. Rick James’ song “Super Freak” was controversial because many believed even the existence of such people should be kept “on the down-low,” not mentioned in public.) Steve is an orderly and indicated he routinely has sex with patients. He showed me these nude selfies some woman had sexted him. She had big breasts and a big behind, but she wasn’t pretty. To some men, pretty don’t count.

He sat back down.

Alvin: “How’s your girlfriend?”
Steve: “She alright.”

Back to watching his phone, Steve said, “This is T. D. Jakes, talking about coronavirus.”

Go figure.

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