The second chakra

ADVISORY: Discusses sex.

Tuesday, December 31, my heart got set on a hotel stay. But there was sure to be nothing available that night — New Year’s Eve — and it was infeasible for me to get a room the next night, given the hoops a homeless man must jump through to be inside on New Year’s Day. So I reserved a room for two nights later, Thursday the second.

The next task became to make sure I’d have enough libido saved up to make the most of my night alone at the hotel, visiting my favorite websites and watching fun videos. So I sought to educate myself about the second chakra, the sacral chakra, which governs libido, and about which I have known little until now.

In particular, I wanted to learn what concepts or outlooks are associated with this chakra; as I’ve found that entertaining given outlooks is prone to stimulate the corresponding chakra.

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The color for this chakra is orange.  I’m not much enamored of orange, and I seldom see orange.  Those facts may reflect my lack of familiarity with this chakra.  There is also the question mark that red, not orange, is the color we usually associate with sexual passion.

The location, according to the sources I consulted, is midway between the navel and the privates.  This contradicts the Edgar Cayce readings, and is the second subject as to which I conclude that Edgar Cayce was flat out wrong.

Edgar Cayce located this chakra in “the cells of Leydig,” which are “located interstitially in the gonads.”  The “cells of Leydig” are unknown outside the Cayce literature.  [Postscript, 09/27/20:  Just found out I was wrong about that.]  He also associated this chakra with the line from the Lord’s Prayer, “Lead us not into temptation,” which association has never been satisfactorily explained to me.  Did Jesus mean, “Lead us not into sexual temptation?”  I don’t think so.  Not given my plans for Thursday night.

The other subject I think Cayce was wrong about is psoriasis, a disease I have myself.  He said it comes from a “leaky gut,” that toxins leak out from the bowel into the bloodstream and causes these skin cells to over-produce.  This was a widely-held belief in his heyday, seventy years ago.  Today we have completely effective treatments for this disorder, all based on its being instead an auto-immune condition.

The second chakra governs sexuality, and also excretion — peeing and pooping — and, perforce, the prostate.  I only recently learned that a falling-off of testosterone levels, as one ages, is NORMAL.  Now, I take nine prescription medications, and every one of them has the side effect of reducing sexual desire.  There exist actual aphrodisdiacs — These were known long before Viagra. — but in general they’re contraindicated for anyone who has prostate disease, as I do.  In general, it seems that any elevation of testosterone worsens prostate disease.

In fact, in the midst of this study, I had a spell of prostatitis; as if perhaps I’d overdone it.

Activity of the second chakra may tend to be inhibited in auditory learners, which would tend to explain, for example, their frigidity.

For the moment, I conclude that the second chakra pertains generally to the seeking of pleasure through any of the five senses — sight, sound, touch, taste or smell.  God has created all things for our pleasure.


(1) Turns out that the first of the month is not the time for a hotel stay.  The riff raff have all just received their cash, and mean to live the high life till it’s gone.  I met people I didn’t want to meet, and heard things I didn’t want to hear.

(2) Major insights have come to me since composing the above, that I will share in due course.  That may be several months from now.

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