FaceBook ads for your church

My church has no casual members.
Even the mentally retarded members are committed.

FaceBook ads.  Some days I see a few; some days I see many.  Lately I’ve been seeing many.  Many tell me I can make a ton of money advertising on FaceBook.

This one promised templates for three FB ads I can run for my church, to attract more visitors.  Given the current situation of my church, I said, “It can’t hurt,” and clicked.

I had to give them my e-mail, and agree to receive e-mails, in order to download the pdf.

So, three ads.  One sort of general purpose; one for when you launch a new sermon series (I may explain below why sermon series aren’t do-able in Lutheran churches.); and one for your church’s annual Big Day.  I’m not real impressed.  But I’ve got to give it to him: he’s a heck of a salesman.

So now I get an e-mail every day hawking this guy’s apps, videos, courses.  None of them are free.  The last one invited me to join this online community for pastors.  Membership costs $300/year.

I get the feeling something’s really missing here.

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2 thoughts on “FaceBook ads for your church

  1. Maybe churches shouldn’t have ads. Or maybe the pastor should say before beginning, “and now a word from our sponsor: Allstate. Are you in Good Hands?” That would seem to detract from the service, but think of the dividends!
    But I kid.

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