My bud thinks he’s engaged to this woman.

He had told me they met online, that she lives in Brazil and is rich.  Then in a recent voicemail (He has no phone.), he gave me her name.  So I looked her up on Facebook.

He’s 60+ years old, like me; homeless, uses a wheelchair, and looks a mess.

He could be her grandfather.

But “she” leaves passionate comments on his FB posts.

What I don’t understand is what this person possibly thinks “she” can get from a 60+ year old homeless man.

Note that the pictures aren’t selfies; these are professionally done.

1 thought on “My bud thinks he’s engaged to this woman.

  1. Your buddy needs to wake up and realize that in all likelihood he’s corresponding with another man who’s pretending to be a hot female. Why? Even though your buddy is homeless, he might, just might, be getting money from Social Security or maybe he has more money than he’s letting on because he prefers to be homeless for some reason.

    In any event, I sense fraud, so it’s best you advise your friend to never send “her” money.

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