Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down

Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down
Less incarceration could lead to less crimeFour Pinocchios for yet another Democrat ‘Mediscare’ adWhy women love bad boysSomeone’s been sleeping in my bed.Child immigration crisisPray for the honeybees

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Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield — Until Her Father Guns Them Down

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Less incarceration could lead to less crime

It’s a challenge to comment on a piece with which I agree completely.

The authors self-identify as “conservatives,” and say their POV over the years has changed.

As I glance again at the lead paragraph, two caveats: (1) I speak in part from my own experience behind bars; and (2) I don’t care too much what the majority population fears; my world is a permanent high-crime district.

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Four Pinocchios for yet another Democrat ‘Mediscare’ ad

The details here are a bit hard to follow. I’m just glad to see Democrats being taken to task.

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The mugshot loved round the world. Photo: Facebook/Stockton Police Department

Why Women Still Love Bad Boys (Like the Hot-Mugshot Guy)

This is such a kick in the groin, in so many ways.

Is this guy my competition?

Again, I may be in several contests here, all of which I’m destined to lose.

There is the eternal question of whether one who looks “that way,” is “that way.”

And all the dynamics of romantic attraction remain a mystery to me.

In short, the article suggests that a majority of women just really get turned on by guys whose notion of manhood is diametric from my own. You can’t provide for your family when you’re locked up.

Or die young.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014. Doing my normal thing this morning at McDonald’s: stashed my belongings at a table, got my coffee, went out for a smoke break. Actually, this occurred later, after I’d got my first refill. When I came back in from my smoke break, this individual was sitting at my table, drinking my coffee.

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A national immigration scandal
Dana Milbank: In border crisis, Obama is accused of ‘lawlessness’ for following law
Obama defends not visiting Texas border, saying he’s ‘not interested in photo ops’

Thursday, July 10, 2014. A visit by the President to the affected area would accomplish nothing more than provide occasion for lots of pointless demonstrations.

The misguided zeal of certain factions appeared in the June 9, 2014 disruption of Eric Cantor’s primary election-night party at the Westin Hotel in Richmond, VA. A band of angry, (apparently) anti-Cantor, pro-illegals demonstrators burst into the room just after Cantor had exited; albeit he had just lost the primary, and by many reports that cost his enemies the presence in Congress of the only member who could deliver what they wanted.  Link

I cannot imagine what sort of parent would send his or her child unaccompanied to a foreign country.

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 A reason millions of bees are dying

I really do believe we can do well to pray for them.

To paraphrase a pertinent post at Messiah Truth:

Some teach that natural disasters express G-d’s wrath upon creatures’ sin.  As in Katrina, Sandy and Tsunami; preachers at chapel specifically told us that G-d blessed Baltimore in sending Sandy elsewhere.

Why you should care about the bee colony collapse

The honeybees are in trouble.  These species, that have been staunch friends to humanity for millions of years, are now being plagued — literally.  I want to ask those teachers, “What did they do to deserve this?”

(Originally posted 07/21/14.)

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