Keep it simple

Came across this FB post from 2017:

Rachel Dolezal struggles after racial identity scandal, writes a book about it

As to her immediate financial situation, she could be me.
I really doubt grocery stores have turned her down based on her scandalous background. Many prospective employers turn down many candidates for many reasons — as if I haven’t been through that myself.
But look at her feud with her biological parents, apart from which she’d never have been exposed; look at the combination of children she’s raising now, and the custody battles. Here is a person who has endlessly complicated her own life, by choice. This is not wise. #tohu

Without reading the article again, I don’t know all she’s done to complicate her life.  I don’t know the story of the children.  I do know that she’s legally changed her name to something utterly bizarre, given her clinging to her delusion of blackness.

Keep your life as simple as possible.

Many people make their lives needlessly hard by multiplying their issues, and then one has to juggle all those issues instead of being able to focus on just a few, or just one.  Karma gives anyone enough issues to juggle; why take on more?

I mentioned the children.

One of the biggest differences between upwardly mobile and mainstream people, on the one hand, and those who stay poor, on the other, is this: prosperous people have only one baby mama or baby daddy, and they normally marry that person before making babies.  Every additional baby mama or baby daddy you have, is an additional “issue” that you’re going to carry for life.  How many do you want to juggle?

Yes, having multiple baby daddies or baby mamas is, among the poor, a mark that one’s grown, a man or woman.  Among the prosperous, that isn’t so.  Prosperous people count a man or woman based on whether or not she or he keeps promises.

Life’s a lot simpler that way.

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