Shifting gears

It’s time for me to spend a lot more time looking for housing, and a lot less time on this blog.Customarily, I’ve posted three times a week:

  • Monday: response to some event in the news
  • Thursday: a “recycled” old post
  • Saturday: a new text, usually heavy and deep

The Saturday posts take a long time and are difficult to write.  So, starting now, given my need to spend time elsewhere, they’re likely to be different:

  • shorter
  • fewer
  • lighter
  • easier, and, frankly,
  • shallow.

I hope I can find an efficiency, with private kitchen and bath.  I had a room from 2006 to 2011, and am not eager to revisit that drama.  The biggest drawback to getting my own place is the food:  I will never be able to cook for myself food like they give us at the shelter.

Maybe I can arrange to still eat supper at the mission every day: just pay my $3, eat supper and go home.

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