Marty Cobb murder, etc.

The Marty Cobb murderClimate changeCat rescues boy from dog“It takes two to tango.”“The GOP, running scared”

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Richmond community remembers Marty Cobb

Suspect in Martin Cobb’s death charged with 2010 attack

One must read both stories to get the full account of what happened to Marty Cobb.

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Update, 2014-06-16: Marty Cobb murder suspect Mairese Washington will be tried as an adult

Subsequent post:  Marty Cobb follow-up

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Ruth Marcus: Marco Rubio’s changing climate

It is becoming harder and harder for me to understand why global warming is a partisan political issue.

Those who have been crying “junk science” for years don’t have any scientific credentials, and all come from one end of the political spectrum.

What’s at stake for them?

To say global warming is occurring as a result of human activity is not the same as blaming it solely on activities of the American manufacturing sector, though I am certain there are those who have so claimed in the past and who will probably continue to do so. Whether it is feasible to change the pertinent “human activity” so as to end global warming within our lifetimes is not clear to me. In the meantime, we will have to deal with its effects — on farming practices, for example, and shorelines. I take no joy in the prospect that, 100 years from now, these “truthers” will be seen as dinosaurs.

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Cameras Catch Family Cat Taking on Dog That Bit Boy

I find it interesting that the cat’s first move was not to use claws and teeth, but instead a body slam.

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Fact check: Brown calls it ‘misconduct,’ Gansler says it’s ‘a badge of honor’

Rock Hudson lookalike Doug Gansler is running against Anthony Brown and others for the Democratic nomination for Maryland governor.

Gansler’s TV commercials have made much of his 2000 campaign against a judge who said of a juvenile rape victim, “It takes two to tango.” So much, I decided to dig a little.

From a March 30, 2002 Sun report: “The case involved the statutory rape of an 11-year-old girl who had been exchanging sexually explicit notes on the Internet with adult men who thought she was older. She invited a 23-year-old man to her bedroom, where he was discovered by the girl’s mother one morning hiding in a closet.”

This was no ordinary 11-year old.

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Eugene Robinson: The GOP, running scared

On the one hand, William Tell does not approve of attributing fear to one’s political opponents, as Eugene Robinson does throughout this article. I felt similarly about Kathleen Parker’s article cited in Make ’em all taxpayers.

For starters, that violates at least Guideline 2 and Guideline 9 of Free Speech Handbook.

On the other hand, it’s no surprise that Republican proxies are seeking to derail the Hillary juggernaut. Now I finally understand Fox News’ obsession with Benghazi.

William Tell is interested in what sways public opinion, and what sways the opinions of different portions of the public. I doubt that these attacks will succeed in swaying anyone.

(Originally posted 2014-06-16.)

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