Miracles of healing

I have three brothers.  Once a month, I send ’em an e-mail to catch ’em up on the news.  This one was sent outside that schedule, for the reasons indicated.  Names have been changed, to protect my privacy.

September 28, 2018

I made these notes some time ago.  I may as well deal with them now; I’m purging my notebook, filling up empty half-pages with manuscript and then recycling each full page once I’ve transcribed it online.

God made us different ways, and our diseases come different ways, and our healings come different ways.

I have irreparable hearing loss in my right ear, from patulous eustachean tube.  I suspect the same causes some of Pete’s hearing loss; probably Mom’s also (I don’t know which ear was affected.); likely Grandma’s, her mom’s, also.  I pray every day for the healing of this ear, but it may not come in this life.  It may come in the next.

So God made us.

Two days ago, I kept my first appointment with a nephrologist.  I have Stage 3 kidney failure; my left kidney is shrunken and deformed and only functioning at 20%.  We may never learn the cause.  This may be the way God made me.

A blog post about three obscure genetic markers that may affect, of all things, one’s writing styleThe Nun Study.

The greatest miracle of healing I have personally seen in this life pertains to Mark’s complexion.

When he was in high school, Mark had acne so bad I really felt bad for him, even though I didn’t even like him.  And the doctors told us the scars would never go away.

Decades later, as much as ten years ago, I saw that Mark’s complexion has cleared completely.  To look at him now, no one would ever suppose he ever had a problem.

Self-love is the key to being healed.  It is so subtle most of us are completely unaware of it; it may normally be subconscious.  But the love Mark has given himself permission to have for himself, has completely healed his skin.

Mark has accomplished this.

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